Desktop Application Photeleon Gets Rave Reviews

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This simple but useful desktop application turns your Screensaver into a useful Image Management Tool


 Desktop application development Photeleon


So the scenario is you're on the phone and your Photeleon screensaver kicks in.  Photeleon locates any photos you've saved on your computer but not yet named and starts to show them as a slideshow - whilst the slideshow is playing you can rotate, delete and name your photos, plus email them to friends and family.

Independant software application distributer, Download Tube, awarded Photeleon its
'Top Software' Award!

Technical wizzadry of this award winning desktop application includes:

  • It talks to a management server using encrypted XML and webservices
  • It uses multiple payment gateway integrations including payment via SMS on your mobile
  • Plus real time monitoring of usage and metrics


Developed for IO World Ltd, you can get your hands on this application for free at: